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The project

UPC.BarcelonaTech, coordinator and promoting entity of Energy Campus, is a modern university excelling in higher education and research, with a campus open to life and learning and totally committed with the sustainable development of the environment. 

UPC is aware of both its role in the socioeconomic development system and of the importance of being part, in a global world, of international alliances and consortiums in crosscutting areas such as energy. Therefore, UPC presents this project in collaboration with some of the most representative institutions of the Spanish scientific and technological scenario in this discipline: IREC and CIEMAT. UPC's international vision along with its efforts focused on the energetic sector give as a result the coordination of the CC Iberia of the KIC InnoEnergy, where IREC and CIEMAT are also partners.

The strategic lines of this project are fully in tune with the frame set up by the regional, national and European policies, to be precise with the Lisbon Treaty (EU), the "Ley de Economía Sostenible" & “Estrategia Universidad 2015”  (Spanish Government) and the “Pacte Nacional per a la Recerca i la Innovació” (Government of Catalonia).

Project funded by: