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Energy Campus is aimed at leading the transformation of the energy sector with clear local impact and wide international recognition. In this campus, knowledge and technology will generate innovation for a more sustainable economy, and it will become a reference in the field of governance and social responsibility.




InnoEnergy Innovation Doctorate 2017

An InnoEnergy Innovation Doctorate Project is a joint doctoral training project involving InnoEnergy, a company, an academic participant (university, research organization, etc.) and, optionally, a local, regional, or national institution committed to promoting the Industrial Doctorate. Innovation Doctorate Projects are carried out by a PhD candidate employed by the company. To date, two programmes are compatible with the InnoEnergy Innovation Doctorate: Doctoral Industrial Plan in Catalonia and ANRT/CIFRE in France. Note that the participating company may be located in other countries. Please check eligibility criteria on these programmes’ websites.+Info


New SOLAR CAMPUS project

Solar Campus, coordinated by the research group on Renewable Electrical Energy System (SEER), aims at turning Terrassa campus into a Smart Energy Campus where coexist systems of energy generation, energy storage and energy management and advanced control that will transform the campus into a 'living lab' (a living laboratory for research and teaching). +info

Sola Campus